The production of crystal chandeliers includes many unique processes, each of which directly influences the shape of the resulting product. A unique combination of independent artistic activities gives rise to a unique crystal jewel. Chinese glassmaking is one of the world’s leading brands thanks to many years of experience passed on from generation to generation. The guarantee of the perfect quality of crystal products is the traditional um glass masters and the precision of handmade work. The possibility of producing components of different dimensions and specific shapes and the connection of classical elements with modern design guarantees the constant popularity of crystal lamps for domestic and foreign clients.

Before starting the production of the components itself, it is necessary to prepare the technical drawing, which is used to create the individual elements. The mold for forming the glass castings must be of a permanent shape so as not to cause undesirable changes in casting shape during use. The chosen material must ensure a perfect glass casting even when using the mold repeatedly.

The basic glass raw material is so-called glass trimmers, a mixture of glass sands, limestone, potash, soda and lead. The glass mixture is subsequently melted in glass furnaces at a temperature of about 1 250 degrees Celsius. After the mixture is completely melted, the riveting process is followed to remove unwanted bubbles and dirt from molten glass. After the glass has cooled down (glassing), the glass is processed. The heated glass is blown into ready molds by means of glass whistles (hollow metal bars with a wooden holder and a mouthpiece at the top). The desired shape is achieved by rotating the whistle in a form that is completely filled with the molten mixture. More complicated shapes are done using pliers and other glass tools.

After the casting is cooled, excess parts of the blank are removed, which overlap the mold and form undesirable component protrusions. The glass semi-finished products also travel to the brush-making plant, where they finally get their perfect lines. The brushers apply the abrasive compound to the cast iron discs and gently grind the glass component to the desired shape. The resulting polished part is polished, mechanically or chemically. Then there are specific adjustments (sanding, gilding, engraving …) that differ according to the nature of the components and the specific requirements of the client.

Individual chandelier parts are manufactured and handmade, final manual assembly and assembly of the luminaire itself are in the hands of experts with many years of experience in the industry. Thanks to their careful work, they create beautiful crystal products that are among the best in the market.