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How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

How to maintain the unique look of crystal chandeliers? In order to be able to enjoy the beauty of crystal lamps in the long term,

we must also give them the proper care. In order to maintain the perfect appearance of the chandelier, it is necessary to clean it regularly and keep all its parts in perfect condition. Ideally,

we clean chandeliers every twelve months, possibly even more often. Consider the location of the luminaire – in the kitchen the chandelier will be exposed to grease more dust than the lobby. We therefore clean it at the discretion of the pollution level.

In every normal household cleaning, we polish the chandelier with a soft feather duster. If more traces of pollution are already visible on the chandelier and can not be removed by fine dusting, more thorough cleaning is required . Depending on the degree of pollution, we choose the appropriate technique.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier



Before working, (How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier) turn off the chandelier and let the bulbs completely cool down. With standard cleaning, it is not necessary to disconnect the power supply to the chandelier, however this is also possible for greater safety. Under the luminaire we place a stepladder, a chair, etc., so that we can safely reach the chandelier. We can put them on a carpet to avoid slipping the pedestal. While cleaning with the chandelier we do not manipulate, we pay attention to sharp movements to keep the chandelier away. When cleaning the luminaire we also check the bulbs for damage or dim colors. We can easily clean them with a soft, moistened cloth, or replace them with new pieces. Fully screw all bulbs.



(How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier) Cleaning can be done by keeping the chandelier hanging. In this case, we will not remove individual crystals or release other parts of the luminaire. We will use a special cleaning agent for crystal chandeliers – spray it on the crystal parts, for easier manipulation of the pieces and better skill we can use cotton gloves. Using a soft cloth, we then wipe the individual crystal parts dry and polish them. Alternatively, spray the cloth cleaner and then gradually clean the pieces. Clean the metal parts with a dry cloth, or use a product designed specifically for this purpose. We do not use a standard cleaner to avoid unwanted coloring of metal parts. This variant of chandelier cleaning is suitable for lighter levels of pollution and regular luminaire care.



If the chandelier becomes too polluted (crystal clearing, loss of gloss, visible stains that can not be wiped off), more thorough cleaning is required. The chandelier will be cleaned before the cleaning itself, ie. we remove all the crystal vases from it. In order to be able to bring the chandelier back to its original state, it is necessary to remember exactly where the parts are located. For simpler luminaires, a detailed layout is sufficient, when cleaning chandeliers with a richer closure, we will use the camera and the luminaire first to take a close look at all sides and angles.

After disconnecting from the electricity supply, carefully remove the chandelier, detach the individual crystal parts and lay them on a smooth pad.

We prepare a delicious bath – lukewarm water with a little soap. We carefully wash the crystals and spread them on a clean towel. Immediately afterwards, polish them to avoid soapy stains. We never use aggressive detergents to do away with individual pieces. Clean the metal parts dry, or use a suitable cleaning product. We leave the chandelier in the unfolded state for several hours to ensure that all parts are completely dry. It is only then that the chandelier wears and goes back to its original state. When lighting the luminaire we move from top to bottom and center out to prevent the hanging of the hanging pieces. Once the assembly is completed, the chandelier switches on and lights up so that we can again enjoy the glowing gloss.


An effective option is also the use of a unique spray cleaner that ensures complete cleaning of the chandelier without washing and subsequent polishing of the crystal parts.

spray on the chandelier and let it work for a few minutes. is sprayed with distilled water in the spray. Underneath the chandelier, place a pad on which excess fluid, including impurities, runs.

we have done a thorough cleaning, but the chandelier is still contaminated, recommend using the services of experts. Crystal lamps manufacturers have a lot of experience.

they are also able to repair or replace damaged parts from new ones outside of complex cleaning.