3 Layer large Chandelier Lighting


3 Layer large Chandelier Lighting


3 Layer Modern Luxury Crystal Chandelier Lighting large Chandeliers Hotel Villa Gold/silver stair Long Restaurant Hotel Hall LED

With Lamp shadewithout Lamp shade
10 Arm Lights2 Layer 15 Lights2 Layer 18 Lights2 Layer 24 Lights3 Layer 34 Lights6 Arm Lights8 Arm Lights


3 Layer Modern Luxury Crystal Chandelier Lighting large Chandeliers Hotel Villa Gold/silver stair Long Restaurant Hotel Hall LED

– 6 Arm Lights Size: Diameter 60cm (23.6 Inch) x Height 60 cm (23.6 Inch)

– 8 Arm Lights Size: Diameter 74 cm (29 Inch) x Height 60 cm (23.6 Inch)

-10 Arm Lights: Diameter 82CM (32.3″) X HIGH 70CM (27.6″)

-15 Arm Lights Size (10+5): Diameter 84 CM (33Inch) X High 75CM (29.5 Inch)

-18 Arm Lights Size (12+6): diameter 95cm(37.5inch) *Height 75 CM (29.5 inch)

-24 Arm Lights (8+16): 1.2M(47.24inch)*height 90cm(35.43inch)

-34 Arm (6+12+16): Diameter 1.2M(47.24inch)*height 1.5M(59.05inch)

3 Layer large Chandelier Lighting3 Layer large Chandelier Lighting


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Additional information

Model Number




Power Source


Is Dimmable



3 years

Base Type

E14 /E12


Modern Style

Body Material

Metal , Glass , Crystal



Brand Name



Mainland China

Item Type


6 Arm Lights Size

Diameter 60cm (23.6 Inch ) x Height 60 cm (23.6 Inch )

8 Arm Lights Size

Diameter 74 cm (29 Inch ) x Height 60 cm (23.6 Inch )

10 Arm Lights

Diameter 82CM (32.3") X HIGH 70CM (27.6")

15 Arm Lights Size (10+5)

Diameter 84 CM ( 33 Inch ) X High 75CM (29.5 Inch )

18 Arm Lights Size (12+6)

diameter 95cm (37.5inch) *Height 75 CM (29.5 inch)

24 Arm Lights (8+16 )

1.2M(47.24inch) *height 90cm(35.43inch)

34 Arm (6+12+16 )

Diameter 1.2M(47.24inch)*height 1.5M(59.05inch)


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