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(OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturing

We do OEM product according to the buyer’s product specification. While maintaining the complete confidentiality and commercial honesty of our client.
For example, any product with a customized design, material, dimensions, functionality, or even colors can be classified as OEM.

Product specification examples

  • CAD files
  • Design drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Color chart
  • Size chart
    To some, OEM only refers to products that are designed entirely based on the buyer specification, while others classify even the slightest modification of an existing ODM product design as OEM.

That said, most buyers and suppliers would agree that the primary definition of an OEM product, is a product for which tooling (for example, injection moulds) must be produced before production can start.

(ODM) Original Design Manufacturing

We do ODM product  on an existing design – to some extent developed by the manufacturer rather than the buyer. An ODM product can either be the result of the supplier’s own product development efforts – or a replica of another product that’s already on the market.

ODM products, which are often called ‘private label products, can be branded with the buyer’s logo. Further, ODM products can in many cases be modified to a certain extent.

Modification examples

However, you’ll enter “OEM territory” if you attempt to change the design or dimensions of an ODM product.

Curricular Economy

More fuel-efficient aircraft. More direct and on-time flights. Safer skies and airports. We're found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft.

Energy & Climate

Since 2010, our facilities have implemented more than 4,300 efficiency projects including building automation and controls, lighting and mechanical upgrades, saving more than $80M (annualized).


Over 100 years ago, we defined energy efficiency by making indoor comfort automatic. Today, we redefine it in 10 million buildings using our technology.

Human Rights

Each year, we keep over half a billion workers safer and more productive with voice-enabled software, barcode scanners, mobile computers and protective equipment.

Conflict Minerals

We pioneered automation control. So we understand complex industrial facilities, and how to create high-quality and high-performance chemicals and materials.

Natural Infrastructure

We provide resources and financial support to causes around the world and encourage employee volunteerism.

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